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<SteelGolem> .8 how many times per week does #ld get mired into a discussion regarding SethR's reproductive organs?
<@X3> SteelGolem: 5 million.
<@SethR> i think that's a compliment?
<SteelGolem> SethR: strangely enough, i missed every single one thus far!?
<SteelGolem> maybe it was counting dots <_<
SteelGolem totally went there
<Blecki> Naw, it's at least a comma.
<SteelGolem> XD
<@SethR> at least my comma is on the tip of everyones' tongue

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These quotes were submitted by the #ludumdare IRC community, mostly between 2000 and 2010. We've all matured since then. RIGHT?!

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